The Product Reports tab in Metrilo helps you understand better the interaction between customers and your products, learn ones sell best, what’s their conversion rate and abandonment rate.

You don't have to figure out what products go together or are similar in your customers' mind. Their behavior - what they look at when browsing and what they buy together - will tell you.

Then, you can use this insight to create the best and relevant bundles - and get larger order values!  

How to see that in Metrilo?

  1. From the main menu, go to Product Reports.

  2. Select a longer time period than the default 7 days (top right corner).

  3. Now, depending on what you want to achieve (we offer you 2 ideas), go with either variant - A or B:

A) To find products frequently bought together

B) To push slow-moving items 

A) To find products frequently bought together:

  • By default, you see your products sorted by unique orders. 

  • Click Details for your products of interest. 

  • Under the graph, set the filters to "People who purchased this item also purchased". 

This will give you the best products to form a bundle with since people already buy them together.

B) To push slow-moving items: 

  • In the Products tab, switch to comparing products by views

  • Click Details for a product that's not selling very well.

  • Under the graph, set the filters to "People who added to cart this item purchased".

This way, you'll see what products people ended up buying instead. It's a smart idea to push the slow-moving item in a bundle with these products because a bundle always sounds like a deal and people buy items they otherwise wouldn't.

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