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Account setup
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When you sign up for Metrilo, your Metrilo account is created and you become the account owner. 

Every account has at least one project - online store - connected to it. You can add unlimited number of projects to your account and also invite as many team members to join the project as you want. 


A project means an eCommerce website. 

If you run many websites and want to include them all in Metrilo, you can easily do that from one account. 

If you want to add a site that is owned by a client, you’ll need to set this up as a separate project.

You are able to choose a different Metrilo Plan for each project in your account. 

In one project you can add as many users as you want - here’s how to invite your teammates in Metrilo.

How to create my first Project

Once you start your free trial, we will ask you to input details about your eCommerce so we will give you the possibility to create your first project and to integrate the website with Metrilo.

What’s next?

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