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Variables in the email templates
Variables in the email templates
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Currently, you can use the following variables in the email campaign templates you create with the Basic or the Visual editor in Metrilo:

*|NAME|* - full name
*|FNAME|* - first name
*|LNAME|* - last name
*|ADDRESS|* - billing address
*|COMPANY|* - company name
*|LTV|* - all-time customer revenue
*|EMAIL|* - email address

*Keep in mind that it doesn't work in the test emails.

Fallback options

You can predefine fallback options in case the customer information is missing in your database and it can't be auto-filled in the email.

When you want to add a variable with a fallback option, simply click on "Show optional fallback" and then on "Copy and close".

Finally, replace the default "FALLBACK_VALUE" with your desired fallback option.

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