If you use a lead generation tool like a pop-up, a subscription form or anything similar, they won't be automatically imported with the standard integration of Metrilo. In order to send these subscribers to our system, you'll need to add few additional lines of code. 

You need to identify the subscribers and send their emails to Metrilo

The following example shows how identification works:

var identifyParams = { name: 'Johny Bravo', first_name: 'Johny', last_name: 'Bravo', email: '[email protected]' };

metrilo.identify('[email protected]', identifyParams);

First name and last name are not required

In addition to the identifyParams you can include the tags key with an array of applied tags as follows:

var identifyParams = { name: 'Johny Bravo', first_name: 'Johny', last_name: 'Bravo', email: '[email protected]', tags: ['early_subscriber'] };

metrilo.identify('[email protected]', identifyParams);

These tags will appear in the customer profile and you will be able to filter by that specific tag. 

In order to use a specific event for email automation, for example, you will need to track that event using the call:


You can name your event any way you want - "subscribe for blog", "registered user", "pop-up subscribe", "newsletter subscriber", etc.

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