That's an incredibly handy metric for marketers who rely on timing for their emails and that's why we're really glad you can now have it in Metrilo. It's one of the major new things in our new Retention Analysis tab.

Where can you see it?

In the Retention tab, in the default overview, at the right end of the metrics strip.

How is Time between orders calculated?

Metrilo takes all customers who have placed more than one order on your site. It calculates the time between each of their orders and the next one and gets an average for the individual customer. Then, it calculates the average for all customers based on that.

The trend graph 

Like all metrics in that strip, the development of the Time between orders metric for your store is also visualized with a graph. You can see it by clicking on Details under the metric's value. 

It goes 12 months back and you can easily see fluctuations from month to month.

How can you use the Time between orders metric to make more sales?

Understanding your customer lifecycle
Stimulate additional sales by reminding idle customers when they pass the time for a new order
Send inviting emails at the right time when customers are ready to buy again

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