As mentioned before, all Metrilo features are strongly interconnected with one another. The Revenue Breakdown tab connects meaningfully to the People tab, the Traffic analysis and the email marketing tool.

Revenue Breakdown and the People tab

One of the major advantages of Metrilo is the opportunity to link the business figures to the real people behind the numbers. By applying different breakdowns to your revenue in the RB tab (if you don’t know how to do it, check the following [article]), you will be able to extract specific customer lists.

For example, if you want to understand the ratio between new and returning customers, apply the following breakdown and then click on the blue number of new customers to see the real people. The same logic applies to all breakdowns in the RB tab.

Then, you can send an email to the selected list, export it as a CSV, or just tag them for later use. 

Revenue Breakdown and the Traffic tab analysis

If you want to analyze your store’s traffic deeply and to learn more about the people acquired through the different traffic sources, the Revenue Breakdown tab is the place! The interconnection between RB tab, the Traffic analysis and the People tab shows you the most profitable channels for any given period, and who are thоse people.

Revenue Breakdown and the email marketing feature

Once you get more details about your revenue, you can directly target the different customer groups in the breakdowns.

For example, shoot a simple email to your customers with canceled orders, asking what was wrong and why they canceled. Do that by choosing Breakdown revenue by Order statuses, click on the number of customers that canceled their orders and then hit the email button. 

You can easily design the email from the builder, send it out and monitor its performance [link]. 

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