In the Traffic tab, you can easily see the performance of your customer acquisition sources and track your campaigns, including social media and PPC.


When you open the Traffic tab, Metrilo shows you the source performance data for the last 7 days (by default).You can easily change the period you’re interested in by using the date selector menu at the top right.

Instead of view by “All traffic sources”, you can select more in-depth options like:

  • All Referrals – all websites that drive traffic to your eCommerce store
  • All active campaigns – including UTM-tagged campaigns

You can also choose between different factors of comparison:

  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Added to cart (to track purchase intention)
  • Started Checkout (to track purchase intention)
  • Placed an order

By default, Metrilo sorts your traffic sources by the revenue each one brings you. You can click on any of the column names to sort the list by it instead. 

Wondering which traffic source has the best conversion rate? Just click on the “Conversion rate” column. Clicking it twice will sort the results ascending.

Each traffic source is evaluated by performance indicators:

  • Visitors – the total number of visitors from this source plus what share of your overall traffic that is.
  • Customers – people who placed orders and came from this source
  • Conversion rate – calculated as a share of all traffic from this source
  • Revenue per visitor – how revenue compares to the overall traffic you got from this source 
  • Revenue per customer
  • Revenue – total revenue from this traffic source, including graphic indicator for instant comparison.

To search for a specific traffic source, just start typing the name above the performance table (the search box appears as a column header for the first column in the left, with the name of the traffic sources). Metrilo will automatically display results in the table in real-time.

How to track campaigns

You can add your campaigns and start gathering data about them.  

To get a tracking link for a campaign, click the “Track a campaign” button at the top.

Step 1: Metrilo can generate a tracking link both for an existing campaign and for a new one. 

To get a link for existing campaign, just click on it in the list that appears. 

If you want to track a new campaign, enter its name and click “Continue”. (Note: as you type the campaign name, Metrilo will also look for existing campaigns with the same name.)

Step 2: Paste the URL you want to track.

Step 3: Click “Get tracking link”.  

If you want to use this tracking link for an AdWords campaign, select the “AdWords” option. This will automatically append the keyword tracking tag to the tracking link. Otherwise, click “Other” and copy the tracking link without the keyword tag.

This way, you’ll be able to compare the success of various campaigns and tweak your marketing efforts so that you invest only in channels that bring you real traffic and customers. With time, you can weed out all necessary presence that doesn’t add any value, but sucks up your efforts.

What’s next?

Connection of the traffic tab with the rest of the features.

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