1. Go to the Customer Database tab. That’s where every email campaign starts in Metrilo (the CFS too).

  2. If you want to send the survey to your whole database at once, just click "Email" and proceed with the email design. In case you want to send the survey to a segment of your customer base, you will have to make segmentation with the behavior filters in the tab.

  3. Then, click on the Email button at the top of the page and choose Email builder (if you want to use the score in an HTML campaign, check the following article. The logic behind the setup of HTML emails is the same as described below).

  4. There's a ready Feedback template you can use. Here's more info.

Then, you can go to the Email Performance tab and monitor how the campaign is performing in terms of delivery rate, open rate, clicks and conversions.
The score and the responses of the survey will go in the Customer Feedback tab. 

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