Fight browse abandonment
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First - what is browse abandonment?

It is when a customer browses your site but leaves without buying. You know, when they check out what's new, for example, but don't buy this particular time.

Now, with Metrilo, you can fight that just like you fight cart abandonment. Because every sale matters.

In Metrilo's Automated emails tab there is a ready template for such a campaign.

When you click the New automation button to start creating a new campaign, you are given a choice of a few templates. Here it is:

The email in it uses dynamic abandoned products to dynamically fill in with the products the customer viewed but did not purchase. It works the same way an automatic cart abandonment email does.

All you have to do is adjust the details like timing - do you want the email sent immediately at browse abandonment or a bit later? Then turn it on. Any customer who just browses without buying will get a reminder email.

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