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Build an automated email campaign to reward your loyal high spenders with special promos
Build an automated email campaign to reward your loyal high spenders with special promos
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The customers who spend the most money with you deserve your recognition. To show gratitude, you can give them exclusive offers or better terms. They, on the other hand, will enjoy the gesture and keep spending with you. Win-win.

How to set up automated email campaigns for your loyal high spenders in Metrilo?

We'll show you how to automate an email to be sent after a customer's third order if they have spent more than the average LTV for your store - this will reach your loyal and high-spending customers.

  1. Go to Automated Emails and start creating a new automation campaign (top right corner).

  2. Give it a name (e.g. "high spenders special promo") - it's visible only to you and your project teammates (field 1).

  3. From the drop-down menu, set the trigger to Places an order (field 2).

  4. Hit the Filter by a parameter of the triggering event button.

  5. You'll see additional fields to choose criteria. Order count should equal 3 (if you don't consider people with 3 orders as loyal to your business, pick another number).

  6. In the next field 3, click add parameter.

  7. From the first drop-down (default is Number of orders placed), change to total revenue.

  8. Type in value in the box. We recommend a number larger than the average LTV for your store. 

  9. Then, go to Send the following emails (field 5) and create that email. It can be an exclusive offer or anything else that shows your appreciation for them.

  10. Set the timing when the email should be sent - we recommend in a few days.

  11. Switch the toggle button at the bottom to ON and hit save campaign

Here's just one example of a customer appreciation email you can adapt to use:

For more ideas how to use Metrilo's Email Automation, check out the short guide.

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