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How is Metrilo integrated with your website?
How is Metrilo integrated with your website?
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Metrilo develops its own website data tracking, specially tailored for eCommerce. The plugin does not process data from any other softwares, like GA for example. The visitor data from every page is sent to our tracking servers. 

By processing visitor/customer actions, visitor sessions and events data, we build eCommerce reports, customer behavior profiles, insights and event-based email marketing.

Tracked events

Here is a list of events that we track for you: 

  1. View page

  2. Search

  3. View article

  4. View category

  5. View product

  6. Add to cart

  7. Remove from cart

  8. View cart

  9. Start checkout

  10. Order

The tracking happens via front-end and back-end integration of our plugin with your web store.


Back-end integration

We use back-end integration for syncing the order information with Metrilo. Usually, it happens as you import historical orders, or at order creation and updates (change of customer info, change of status, dispatch, etc).

Front-end integration

A small JS library is loaded on your online store and the various events related to the user behavior are sent through it. We use a single cookie value to track the visitors - cbuid.

This way, we are able to merge the data tracked by both back- and front-end integrations when a user creates an account or logs in.

Tracking user behavior

Thanks to the front-end integration and the cookie attached, we store each interaction of the users on the website, no matter if they are identified customers or unknown first-time visitors. You can see both lists of users in our Customer database tab: under Customers and Visitors.

When a visitor lands on your website for the first time, Metrilo attaches a cookie to their browser (desktop, mobile or tablet) and tracks all of their interactions with your web store pages and products. 

When they place an order, even if that’s two months after the first interaction, Metrilo merges the personal details that they add during the checkout, the order information and the past behavior tracked, thanks to the cookie attached. 

This way you can easily understand the customer behavior before and after the first purchase.

For more information about the tracking and analyzing the user behavior, see the Customer database tab section.

Orders tracking

Once a customer places an order, Metrilo processes all data related to that: 

  • Order ID

  • Order Timestamp

  • Order status

  • Products: type, price, amount

  • Source of acquisition

  • Payment method

  • Shipping address

All of that information is attributed to the relevant customer profile and to the relevant reports.

Report building

Thanks to the strong integration, all relevant data is attributed to the right reports, so that you can easily analyze the key drivers of your eCommerce business:

  • Revenue & Trends Analysis

  • Traffic analysis

  • Retention analysis

  • Funnel reports

  • Product analysis

Event-based email marketing campaigns

Event-based tracking is the key to the Metrilo personalized email marketing. Thanks to all the events that Metrilo processes, you can easily base your marketing activities on them:

  • Bulk E-mail campaigns

  • Automated e-mail campaigns

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