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When customers leave items in their shopping cart, you want to encourage them to complete their purchase with a custom email that includes product links or special offers. 

After you automate your abandoned cart email(s), any active subscriber or transactional recipient who leaves items in their shopping cart will automatically receive a follow-up email.

The following article will describe how to create such automation campaigns.

Step 1: Select the Abandoned cart series

Open the Automated Emails tab and click on "New Automation campaign". Then, select the Abandoned cart series from the predefined email automation templates:

Step 2: Design the email

Once you load the email automation template, you can design the email.
We recommend those designs for cart abandonment emails:

  • If you want to add the abandoned products in the email, a specific block must be used: All products from the abandoned_products. The predefined template includes that block so you do not have to add it. (in case that you want to add it additionally, you can do that by selecting Add a block => Products => Dynamic product). This block will automatically pull the abandoned products from your store with image and name. Furthermore you can add a cover image, logo, text and social media buttons and you are ready to go!

  • If you want an email without the products, you can add a CTA button with a link to the shopping cart. This way the customers will get directly in their shopping cart for completing the purchase. You can send them a discount coupon as well.

Step 3: Set delay

When you are ready with the design of the email, save it using the button "Save to automation" and set the delay - how long after the cart abandonment to send the email. Keep in mind that the Abandons cart event in Metrilo is registered 60 minutes after the user added something to the cart/ started checkout without completing the order. So the user will enter the campaign at least 60 minutes after these events.

Step 4: Additional adjustment if needed

To spice things up a bit, you can add different parameters to the trigger event (Abandons cart) or to narrow down the customer segment. For example, you can split up this automated campaign for different customer segments (chosen in the “also filter customers by” step) – high LTV, number of sessions, location, etc.

After that, you just need to turn the campaign On and the customers who leave items in their shopping cart will now automatically receive your abandoned cart email.

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