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Reengaging customers who are slipping away
Reengaging customers who are slipping away
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Once you open the Automated Emails tab and click on "New Automation campaign", you will have to follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Setting your trigger

In the New Campaign Tab, set the trigger to “Places an order”.

Step 2: Creating the email flow

Your message should be timed for after a period longer than your Average Time between orders.

For example, if people typically order again after 15 days on average, set this email to go out after 16-17 days. You can enter the number of days in the timing options for each email.

Another reminder can be sent in 2-3 days after the first. Metrilo counts from the trigger event on so all periods should be entered in reference to that moment. So you type in 18 days for the second email (for instance).

Step 3: Exit

The exit event is – not surprisingly – “Places an order”.

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