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Getting started with Marketing Performance Tab
Getting started with Marketing Performance Tab
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The Marketing Performance tab in Metrilo helps owners make strategic decisions where to spend their marketing budget.

It answers the questions how the different marketing campaigns and channels influence traffic and sales so you can evaluate the returns from each marketing investment. It will help you choose which channels and activities to bet your money on if you want to scale.

Why Metrilo's Marketing Performance Tab is better than the rest?

Autotracking. It works automatically and doesn't need to be connected to Google Analytics. Metrilo's tracking is stand-alone and ready to use. 

Even if you don't input any campaigns, we will track any UTM parameters you use to drive traffic as well as all coupons sent through our system. 

How does it work?

In the tab, you will see a few different breakdowns or views. By default, the Overview is on top. You can switch between views from the dropdown button at the top.

Overview - you have all marketing campaigns and sources in one place. They are listed by the greatest detail we have about them: campaign name (if you input one, more on that here), UTM parameter, or source/ medium.

Source/ medium view - the source is where the traffic comes from (e.g. website domain, google); the medium is the campaign medium such as search, email, banner, CPC, etc. Here, you see campaigns in the following format magazine/content or google/cpc.

Referral view - revenue and traffic coming from any referring site that is not a social network, a search engine or a forum. If you use the Manage referral option in the top right corner (more about it here), you will see all such referral or influencer campaigns in this view.

Social view - only traffic and revenue from social media sources, both paid and organic: facebook/cpc or facebook/organic

Campaign view - if you name your campaigns from the Manage referral option in the top right corner (more about it here), you will see them in this view listed by names.

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