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Convert your leads with an automated email campaign
Convert your leads with an automated email campaign
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Whether you use pop-ups, wishlists that require registration, newsletters subscriptions, or games and giveaways, you probably gather leads with email addresses. 

With Metrilo, you can create email flows for each of these groups of leads that will convert them into customers.

Note: In order to get the subscribers and the subscribe events into Metrilo, you have to integrate it with the pop-up or subscribe form you're using. Here's how.

How to set up an automated email campaign for converting leads

  1. After you've integrated your lead capture tool with Metrilo, lead profiles with emails and events will be automatically created so you can use them for the email automation.

  2. Go to Automated Emails and start creating a new automation campaign (top right corner).

  3. Give it a name (e.g. "leads conversion") - it's visible only to you and your project teammates (field 1).

  4. From the drop-down menu, go to Performs another action and select the custom event you created with the integration from the additional list of events (field 2).

  5. In the next field 3, click add parameter.

  6. From the first drop-down, set the Number of orders placed to zero (0).

  7. Set the exit trigger to Places an order. This way, a customer who entered the campaign but placed an order meanwhile, won't receive the email. (field 4) 

  8. Then, go to Send the following emails (field 5) and create the email(s). It can be just one email, but we suggest you create a whole series. It's a great way to provide value for free (with content) and warm up the leads for a purchase. The last email in the series can include a nice product offer, free shipping or anything else that converts. 

  9. Set the timing when the emails should be sent. Keep in mind that the timer counts minutes/ hours/ days after the trigger event, not since the previous email. 

  10. Switch the toggle button at the bottom to ON and hit save campaign

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