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Getting started with the Customer Database
Getting started with the Customer Database
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What is the Customer Database tab all about

The Customer Database tab is the place where you can see all your customers, registered users and, eventually, subscribers. There, you can organize, filter, and target them with emails. Within the tab, it’s easy to get to know your customers and send them targeted email messages - individual or to a specific customer segment.

List of customers and sorting

Once you open the Customer Database tab, you have a view of all your customers – their lifetime value up until now, number of orders, number of sessions, time of last activity on sitе, tags.

At first, they are automatically sorted by time of latest activity. You can sort them by any of the other columns – just click the column name. By default, columns will be sorted in descending order. Clicking one more time will sort them in ascending order. 

You can easily search customers by name or email.

Customer profiles

Clicking on a single person will open their detailed profile, including their actions, orders and all the products they engaged with on your site – viewed, added to cart, and purchased, along with exact time when that happened. This way you clearly see how they go about the buying process.

The profiles also include a list of orders, all emails the customer has received through Metrilo and how they reacted to them - open, clicked, purchased from, etc. Learn more.

You can also create new customer profiles and add details about them. Here's how.

Filter your customers

You can easily apply different filters in order to narrow down the customers for a specific campaign. Adding a filter is simple – just click on “Filter people by” and select the filter you want to use. You can apply multiple filters simultaneously. You can also add a time filter - during what time period the action was taken. More about time-specific filters in Metrilo here.

You can save a combination of filters as a segment - every time you load it, it will show the current list of customers who fit the criteria. You can do that by clicking “Save as a segment” and load it later from “Load a segment”. 

Tag your customers

If you want to mark specific customers in your list, you can add individual tags by visiting the customer’s profile or add bulk tags by clicking on the tag button above the list. More on tags in Metrilo here.

Then, you can filter by tag and single out those customers.

Extract (export) a list of customers

If you want to use the list of customers and emails for Facebook remarketing, for example, you can export a CSV file from the Metrilo database. 

The CSV button is placed on the top of the page. It works with the current selection of customers so if you’ve applied a few filters and the list consists of just 50 names, that’s what’s going to be in the CSV. For more, remove (all) filters. Learn more here.

Powerful uses of the Metrilo Customer Database tab:

  • Understand the buyer journey on your site.

  • See how people browse your products, which ones they consider and which ones they end up buying.

  • Create hyper-targeted customer segments and engage them via email.

  • Respond to particular customer behaviors on site with personalized email.

  • Upsell and cross-sell with relevant offers based on previous interest shown.

  • Manage customer relationships within your team with tags, order log and notes.

  • Explore different customer segments by location, buying habits, order metrics, etc. for fresh ideas how to optimize your campaigns.

  • Filter people by the feedback score they gave you to solve issues, engage critical customers, thank happy ones and manage overall customer satisfaction.

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